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  • Choose Your Alliances Well

    Choose Your Alliances Well

    When choosing your alliances, it is more important to have the right people involved than it is to have the right idea established.

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  • Statistical Discrimination is Weblining

    Statistical Discrimination is Weblining

    Weblining, is discrimination. Using data collection to group effects individual’s purchasing power.

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  • Diversify Your Marketing

    Diversify Your Marketing

    Organizations have a pattern to the way they subsist within industries and in the marketplace.

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  • We All Benefit From CSR

    We All Benefit From CSR

    CSR Matters to Consumers Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Stakeholder influence has matured from an afterthought to a fundamental concern for organizations. As well as CEOs, senior management, and investors. Also, recent shifts in dynamics combined with how customers use purchasing power to align corporations with their values and ideals have drastically changed market operations. That’s…

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  • How Making a Mistake Became Referred to as “Pulling a Zune”

    How Making a Mistake Became Referred to as “Pulling a Zune”

    (A totally made-up title, which as far as I know, is not a real thing.) Analyzing Microsoft’s Zune Mp3 Player using the Diffusion of Innovation Theory provides much insight into how America’s great tech company produced a busted product. A person must complete five stages to adopt an innovation.  Stage 1: Awareness of Zune Microsoft…

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