Data-Driven Marketing

Selling great products and services isn’t enough anymore. Today’s brands must connect with socially conscious audiences, demonstrate responsible operations, and be committed to purpose-driven missions that change the world for the better.

No one thing has more potential to impact our marketing efforts and marketing ROI, for better or worse.

Data and analytics have completely changed marketers’ priorities and transformed how we use marketing fundamentals to own the customer experience by engaging with personalized messages based on improved targeting and segmentation, quickly reacting to changing customer sentiment, resulting in more effective content and campaigns.

Data – and more specifically, deriving intelligence from data – can create a true competitive advantage for businesses.

If your marketing isn’t data-driven, you could miss out BIG time.


Answer the customer’s question, What’s in it for me? by targeting specific markets using BIG ideas and creative content that articulates the benefits of your products or services and compels the consumer to act.

Getting your stunning campaign into the world and in front of the right audience is my SUPERPOWER!

Campaign Analysis

Make smarter business decisions, analyze customer trends and satisfaction, and offer better products and services by analyzing data from clicks, conversions, or another KPI, to see where specific audience behaviors overlap with your campaign’s success metrics.

Understand, interpret, and predict future trends.

Market Research

Mining data using competitive research, consumer surveys, and interview panels of potential customers to effectively market a product including determining product positioning, price, and key messages.

Vital for identifying growth opportunities, understanding your target market, and strategic planning.

Brand Development

Startups or established businesses, connect with consumers through logo & identity, brand positioning, and website to increase brand recognition, reach a larger audience, and maximize ROI on marketing efforts.

Identify how consumers see your brand, what they expect, and how you are performing.

Social Media

Community management, strategy, and content creation make your social media channels your brand’s most valuable tool—Master Thought Leadership to build authority and keep your brand at the forefront of your industry.

Create content for social media, online, and print materials, including photography, and videography to explore new opportunities for services and products.


Gain competitive advantage by delivering target audiences’, relevant, meaningful content that persuades. Whether it’s content for a website, a sales letter, or a press release, I’ll compose copy that gets the job done!

Promote your products and services with newsletters including multiple sign-up forms on web pages, social media, press releases, and other PR opportunities.