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What Does Your Walk Say

Society is summing us up. Everyday how we walk, talk and dress is leading others to make assumptions about us but how much of it is accurate? Sometimes I’m surprised at just how spot on they get it. People in public view who we are on the inside based on what they see on the outside. According to a new study, there’s a new factor emerging when it comes to forming a first impression, the way we walk.

Pay Attention to Your Stride

Can you see what they see? Watch for a tone in your gait. Does your walking match your mood? How you walk can send other people a strong message about who you are as a person – even though it may not be real, this is often the first impression we make on others. Psychologists and researchers in the UK and Switzerland are studying the way people walk because they claim the information gathered can tell them a lot about a person’s character.

This is What They Have Found

  1. Driver/Dominant Walker: this type of walk tells others that once you know where you’re going you have no intention of stopping. You strike people as someone who is extremely focused and wants to get things done quickly. While this is an admirable trait as far as I’m concerned, some may deem you as unapproachable and slightly aloof. Most the time you will never know because they would have to catch up to tell you.
  2. Corrector/Cautious Walker: You have a precise walk, you don’t like to intrude on others’ space and you always follow the rules. People may see you as unsure, shy, and introverted though this isn’t necessarily true. You just feel there is enough room for everyone. Live and Let Live, that’s your motto.
  3. Influencer/Energetic Walker: Similar to the Driver, you know where you are headed but you are going to have some fun on the way. You will likely point and remark on sights you see along your walk while saying hello to everyone you meet. Others see you as confident, charismatic and fun to be with, but usually at least a little over-the-top. You wish everyone was as easily excited about life as you are.
  4. Supporter/Steady Walker: With a smooth gait and a light step this type of walker intends to be liked by others. You may be seen as looking a bit lost but this couldn’t be further from the truth. For you, the task of walking only serves to get you on your way to meeting new people or meeting up with old friends. You are right where you want to be.
  5. Doer/Multi-tasking Walker: You can walk, talk and chew gum at the same time or you know things that are actually relevant. What ever you do it creates a positive energy that others can’t get enough of. Talking on the phone, crafting or organizing gives you a boost of creativity and keeps your imagination going. Don’t be surprised if some people get tired just watching you move about.

So, What Affects Our Strolling Style

  • Speed: Your pace can tell your state of mind. Slow walkers often have things on their mind, while brisk walkers are usually more confident and sure of themselves.
  • Heavy or Light footed: A heavy gait can mean you’re depressed or feeling pain. Walking lightly may show happiness.
  • Hands Position: Crossing your arms while you walk may indicate vulnerability. Especially if you’re walking in an unfamiliar area.

Body Language & Walk

How you walk with your partner can show others the state of your relationship. Being in sync with each other through each stride may mean you have a healthy and happy relationship. Allowing your partner to walk in front is a sign of respect and touching the back is a protective gesture that tells your partner that you have literally got their back. 

Did you know that people chatting on the phone while walking will stop walking and find a place to sit if the conversation gets serious? Next time you see someone stop walking mid-sentence and grab a seat you know something important was just said on the other end.

People judge on our every small details, including the way we walk. As sad as this is, you only get one chance to make a first impression so make every step count. Xoxo

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Written by Rose