The BIG Idea

Miami To Me

Millennials are regularly lumped together based on age. However, this is a diverse group of individuals. They strive for uniqueness and praise authenticity. For millennials, it’s all about being on the move and being in control. That’s the BIG IDEA with Miami To Me, users take control to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

Customers expect brands to engage them as individuals, not as personas or market segments. Understanding their unique tastes and preferences makes developing personalized experiences possible.

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The BIG Idea Map

The Miami To Me map is available in print and digital form and the 3o5 gives Miami visitors authentic and never duplicated experiences.

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The BIG Idea Ads

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Twenty-four regular episodes are produced bi-weekly and four extra mini-episodes generate interest and maintain relevance. Listeners are eager to catch the next episode.

Along with special guests from the community, visiting artists and performers, people of interest, and audience members, the podcast tackles a range of topics unique to Miami and essential to preserving its culture.

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BIG Ideas Are Fresh And Bold

Do you struggle to stay relevant in a constantly changing market? Strive for authenticity but fall short of generating BIG Ideas?

I can help you get it right.