What is a BIG Idea


Many people think a big idea is the same as an advertising campaign or a brand slogan, but a big idea is much more. According to Martin McNulty at AdAge magazine (2019), “Big Ideas do more than just sell a product; they elicit awe and wonder, create spaces where people can escape to and imagine themselves in lives very different from their own. Big Ideas change the way people think.”

Big ideas are both ambiguous and definite because the nature of what makes a big idea is fluid. Ideas evolve and adapt to meet cultural and societal expectations. While not clearly defined, you know a big idea when you see it.


The adventures mold us, live in us, and make us whole

It’s not the things that define us; it’s the memories of the spark and the thrill of being alive. What if we take the memories with us but leave the adventures where they live, untouched to grow wild and change as nature sees fit?

What if we come and go like a gentle breeze and leave nature whole, full of adventure and memories to shape us and those who come after us?

Like a river shapes the rocks, let adventure shape you. Chase the sunrise, then embrace the night with only the stars to light your way.

Rivian is the vehicle for adventures. Let Rivian take you where the adventures live, with everything you need to make memories to last a lifetime.

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