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Although many varieties of citrus fruits are available year round, during the winter months is when you will find most varieties ripe and in season. Is it just a coincidence that these are also the months for cold and flu season? Whether coincidence or mother natures way of looking out for us, this is when our bodies need it the most. Citrus Citrus Citrus, sweet & tart and packed full of the necessary vitamins our bodies need to feel great.

So Many Varieties

If made to choose just one citrus fruit I wouldn’t be able to. Each fruit has its own distinct taste and fundamental properties that influence when, where and how we use it. This article is about citrus fruits. Use the info to get serious about citrus or just for fun. I don’t cara cara which you choose.

Navel Orange

Navel Orange

Available November – May, this classic is the citrus go-to for many of us because the navel is sweet, juicy and exploding with flavor.

Gold Nugget Mandarin

Gold Nugget Mandarin

Available March – May, this fruit is delicious and so easy to peel. The mandarin gets its name from the rough bumpy texture of its skin and that is also what makes these super juicy fruits so simple to peel.

Cara Cara Orange

Cara Cara Orange

Available January – April, the Cara Cara is a type of navel orange but the difference is it is pink, and sweet on the inside.

Valencia Orange

Valencia Orange

Available February – October, smaller than navels, this orange is sweet and juicy. Perfect for juicing!

Clementine Mandarin

Clementine Mandarin

Available November – February, these are often known as Cuties. A favorite among many due to their being small and sweet with a bit of sour after taste.

Honey Mandarin 1

Honey Mandarin

Available mid-January – April, these mandarins have a higher than average sugar content that gives them a delicious sweet taste.

Sumo Citrus

Sumo Citrus

Available only two months February & March, this is one of my favorite citrus fruits. The sumo is extra-large and super simple to peel, juicy and sweet with a tangerine flavor. So good!

Moro Orange

Available January – April,  or as they are better known “blood oranges” because of their deep burgundy interior. They are sweet with a rich raspberry flavor.


Available late November – January, small super sweet and packed with flavor.


Available mid-October – December, these are one of the sweetest varieties and they are also the first mandarin of the season to ripen.


Available December – April, is also known as a tangelo. It is a tangerine-grapefruit hybrid with a rich tangerine flavor.

Rio Star Grapefruit

Rio Star Grapefruit

Available mid-October – April, designated the state fruit of Texas, this popular fruit has a deep red interior that is bursting with juice.

White Grapefruit

Available April – June, juicy and full of flavor.


Available October – April, this is the largest of the citrus fruits. It has thick white skin and pink flesh similar to the grapefruit but is sweeter and less acidic.

Cocktail grapefruit

Cocktail Grapefruit

Available November – February, this is a cross between a frua mandarin and a pummelo. The flavor and the acidity are both toned down.

Oro Blanco Grapefruit

Available October – mid-April, this fruit is an aromatic cross between a pummelo and a traditional grapefruit.

pink grapefruit

Pink Grapefruit

Available October-May, this is the most familiar variety of grapefruit. This is the tangy juicy grapefruit you remember.Persian Lime

Persian Lime

Available all year, this is the bright green lime we are all familiar with. Fun fact: limes contain more sugar and more citric acid than lemons.Mexican Lime

Mexican Lime

Available all year, these tiny limes are also known as Key Limes. They are sweeter than Persian Limes and perfect in Key Lime Pie. Yum! Here is a super easy, tasty recipe for Key Lime Pie.

Finger Lime

Available July – December, these are known as the “caviar of citrus” because of their unique lemon-lime-grapefruit flavor.

Eureka/Lisbon Lemon

Available all year, these lemons are indistinguishable often even to the experts. These are the lemons you think of first. They have thick skin and are usually larger than a lime.

Pink Variegated Lemon

Available August – December, the flavor is similar to the Eureka or Lisbon Lemon but the flesh is pink and the skin colorfully striped to perfection. Aren’t they pretty?

Meyer Lemon

Available December – April, this lemon has a very short season. The “cousin” of the classic lemon is exceptional with a sweet intense flavor. I have posted an amazing recipe for meyer lemon bars.



Available November – March, the kumquat has an edible rind with an intensely tart flavor. Many people are unaware the kumquat is part of the citrus family.

Buddha's Hand

Buddha’s Hand

Available October – February, this funny looking fruit is a variety of citron. A citrus fruit that is best used for zest or essence. Also it makes a fun centerpiece and the fragrant aroma will fill the air around it.

Now You Know

Probably more than you ever wanted or needed to know about citrus, but there are so many more. Next time you’re in the fruit aisle get impulsive and buy and taste every citrus fruit you can. Let me know what you find out by posting in the comment section of this post. I’m super excited! Xoxo

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