Using emotional appeals for Social Justice, Integrity, and Conviction along with powerful images and influential voices threatened self-perceptions and created an unpleasant state of dissonance. Reactance Theory explains that people have a fundamental need for freedom and autonomy.

When humans sense a lack of authenticity, the result is cognitive dissonance. Being authentic is vital to motivate people to think and act (Gorski, 2009). Nike used highly relevant authority figures such as Serena Williams, Colin Kaepernick, and Lebron James, which added emotional relevance and social proof (Perloff, 2020) because combined, they have defied societal barriers, racial restrictions, and lack of opportunities to overcome systemic limitations and subsequently, advanced societal awareness and shaped new cultural norms.

Likewise, the messages were consistent with the historical meaning of Nike as a brand and spoke for its values (Creswell & Draper, 2019).

Emotional language frames evoke strong associations, which help people efficiently process a message's argument, increasing the ability to elaborate on a statement and subsequently process the message through the central route, which leads to long-term changes in attitude (Perloff, 2020).

Nike used tweets with emotional frames to reach millions with its "Dream Crazy'' campaign (2020).

A key takeaway from the campaign is that consumers are increasingly pressuring brands to take a stand, and the "Dream Crazy" campaign is reassurance that it pays off.

Nike took the opportunity to follow its beliefs and do the right thing, even at the cost of losing customers (Burge, 2021).

The campaign was purpose-led and authentic, and it started the society in a long-overdue conversation that will redefine our culture and set a new standard for how brands should responsibly live in the world.


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