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6 Types of Women Men Do NOT Want to Marry

6 Types of Women Men Do NOT Want to Marry.

It is likely you have a set of standard characteristics you are attracted to. Whether you go for the quiet type, the artist, the emotionally unavailable ( don’t act like you don’t), frat boy or jock we all have a preference. Men are no different? Here are 6 types of women men Do NOT want to marry and will avoid like the plague. Act like these ladies and instead of getting him to commit he will be running away.

“Daddy Issues” Girl

This woman wants a man that can solve all of her problems. She will resent any man that can’t wipe away her tears and kiss away her pain (there will be a lot of pain.) This girl comes in two types; the girl who expects material indulgence just like daddy used to give her or the girl who has a poor/non-existent relationship with her father. The second type is constantly seeking attention to fill the void and will have way more male friends than females (if she has any girlfriends at all). These male “friends” will be calling and hanging around all the time waiting for their chance to be her shoulder to cry on. Both types are emotionally immature and expect to be spoiled rotten.

6 Types of Women Men Do NOT Want to Marry

The Gossip Girl

She’s the woman who mistakes her boyfriend for one of her girlfriends. She doesn’t understand that the type of intimacy she enjoys with her female friends doesn’t translate well with men. She expects her man to join in her emotional drama. She’s quick to point out flaws in other women but doesn’t recognize any in herself. Likely she will talk bad about her boyfriend to her girlfriends just so she has something to gossip about.

6 Types of Women Men Do NOT Want to Marry

Mommy’s Little Darling

She’s incapable of making a decision about anything without relying on her mother’s opinion. She can often be found on the phone with her mother whining about all the the intimate details of her relationship. Women like this have co-dependent relationships with their mothers, or they were raised by narcissistic mothers who punished their daughter’s attempts at personal individuality. Either way any man that tries to take this woman on will also be dating her mother.

6 Types of Women Men Do NOT Want to Marry

The Control Freak

She comes off like a mother figure. She’s emasculating and treats her man like an improvement project. She will correct spelling and pronunciation, details of what happened in the past or even future plans. Underneath all of her correcting is a need to always be right. It could be the smallest issue or detail but she doesn’t care. She won’t admit being wrong, ever. Control freaks are often obsessive-compulsive, angry and phobic.

6 Types of Women Men Do NOT Want to Marry

The Baggage Lady

She’s still carrying baggage from previous relationships. She often starts sentences with, “My last boyfriend.” She’s driven by fear and unresolved anger. She never lets you out of her sight and she has no other friends. She often smokes, eats to excess, habitually sleeps late, drinks like a fish and shows signs of obsessive behavior. Compulsivity is the product of unchecked emotions and a woman who doesn’t take care of herself has self-esteem issues that are red flags to men.

6 Types of Women Men Do NOT Want to Marry

The Asphyxiator

She has no life outside of her man and expects him to be the same. She will do everything for her man out of fear of being alone including paying for everything, cooking, cleaning and laundry. She drops all of her old friends and hobbies, allows him to live with her for free, and agree to things she wouldn’t normally agree to. But, hey at least she’s not alone. She’ll nag her man when he wants to spend time with his friends or any amount of time that doesn’t include her. Needless to say, she’s extremely clingy and needy.

The Asphyxiator

Does The Glass Slipper Fit

So, what do you think ladies? Do you fit into one of these categories? I know I can see a little bit of myself in each. Yeah I’ve got issues who doesn’t? I’m working on mine are you working on yours? I think that should be our take-away from this. There is always room for improvement. Do it for you! Take time to love yourself. The rest will fall in place.xoxo

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