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10 Foods To Amp Up Your Immune System

Fruits & Veggies

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Eating these 10 foods will keep you safe from illness throughout the winter. These 10 foods will amp up your immune system and leave you feeling healthy and strong all Winter.

  1. Water: Most of us are not drinking enough water from day-to-day however, when you are feeling your worst staying hydrated is even more critical. If you prefer tea over water you can opt for an antioxidant-rich tea. Try it hold or cold to mix things up.
  2. Spinach: For our immune systems to work properly it is crucial we get enough Zinc in our diets. Spinach is packed with Zinc and is super versatile. Mix it in a smoothie, add it to your soup or use it on a sandwich instead of lettuce.
  3. Ginger: Studies are finding that among many other health benefits, ginger helps to fight inflammation. This will help now and in the long-run.
  4. Kidney Beans: They really are the magical fruit. 1 cup = 45% of suggested daily fiber, 30% daily protein and 29% daily iron. Plus they are way high in antioxidants that help rid our bodies of built up waste.
  5. Protein :Most American diets are plenty high in protein, however, if you are on a low protein diet or you are feeling a little under the weather it is important to get protein into your body to repair and rebuild.
  6. But Wait There’s More

  7. Fruits & Veggies: Preferably orange-colored fruits & veggies like yams, carrots and oranges. These are rich in beta-carotene that helps fight infection.
  8. Garlic: You can not get enough antioxidants in your diet and garlic has them by the bundles. For greatest benefits eat raw garlic.
  9. Peppers: Hot peppers, chili powder, sauces and spices thin mucus to let you breathe easier. This usually means sleep better too.
  10. Strawberries: 1 cup of these has more vitamin C than a large orange, and they are delicious.
  11. Chicken Soup: Something about the blend creates a compound that helps our bodies to fight back against illness. Yup, it doesn’t just taste good, it can also help you feel good.

Being sick sucks, so if you find yourself sniffling and feeling icky stick to foods on this list to knock those feelings quick. To stay healthy all season keep your diet full of vitamins A,B,C & D, eat antioxidant-rich foods and stay hydrated. I know it can be hard but if you start today you will make it a habit in no time. Your body will thank you for it, I promise. xoxo

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Written by Rose